Isla de Margarita Venezuela

by AhhCarib on July 22, 2012

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A Caribbean Island Pearl with 50 Beaches

Margarita Island (Isla de Margarita) is the largest island of the state of Nueva Esparta in Venezuela, situated in the Caribbean Sea, off the northeastern coast. The population of this Caribbean Island is about 300,000.


A mountainous tropical Caribbean island paradise, Isla de Margarita receives on average  over 330 days a year of sun. The island has over 50 beaches that offer miles of sand and sun – no wonder this Caribbean Island is known as La Perla del Caribe, or the Pearl of the Caribbean.

A 35 minute flight, or a couple of hours by ferry from Puerto La Cruz or Cumana will get you to Isla de Margarita which lies only 24 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

Isla de Margarita lies off the main tropical storm track in the Caribbean and remains relatively undiscovered and unexplored by Americans.

Raves for Isla de Margarita Venezuela

Pampatar lies 10 km northeast of Porlamar. It’s a coastal town, founded in 1552. Its strategic importance becomes clear when visiting the Castillo de San Carlos de Borromeo on the waterfront in the center of town. Constructed entirely of coral, the fort, built by the Spanish in 1662 after the original was destroyed by the Dutch. In the center of town is the Iglesia Santísimo Cristo or Iglesia del Cristo del Buen viaje, which features a bell tower with an outside staircase — an architectural oddity found on several churches on Isla Margarita. Nowadays this town is very famous for its malls (Sambil or Rattan Plaza) and its commercial activity 24 hours a day… more at>>> My Little Postcard Corner: Pampatar, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

One of the interesting regions in the country is Isla de Margarita. The place features a natural area with forests and  beaches. Tourists who see the place enjoy swimming, hiking, trekking and scuba diving. Those who like to shop for souvenirs should see the trendy shops at the City of Porlamar…more at>> Tourist SpotKhaled Khalil Majzoub

James asks… I need to fly from Caracas to Isla de Margarita. Which airline would be the best one to get me there? This will be my very first visit to Venezuela. Also, we will spend one night in Caracas. Any inexpensive but nice hotels that you can recommend?

AhhCarib answers:  It is the ONLY one close, very nice plus have complementary shuttle! It is the American Airlines crew hotel of choice! This is the easy & safe choice, plus includes swimming pool!

Susan asks… What airport would I fly into to go to Isla de Margarita?  Coming from the US

AhhCarib answers: Del Caribe “Santiago Mariño” International Airport is the only airport on the island, so you will most likely land there. Santiago Marino is 25 clicks outside of Porlamar, the island’s main city. You might want to double-check if any American airlines fly directly to the Island, if not you’ll be making a few stops before you reach your destination. Safe flying! 8))

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