Is There More to the Caribbean than Sex?

by AhhCarib on December 12, 2009

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Caribbean Islands Sex Vacations for Canadians & Others

There have been several reports out of Canada about the blooming Caribbean Sex Vacation trade. It seems that tens of thousands of Canadian women are making there way to the Caribbean Islands for some fun in the sun that includes some free-wheeling sexual escapades.

Should this shock us? I would think that most people taking a vacation in the Caribbean Islands have sex on their minds along with surf, sand, rum and sun.

I remember when I was in my twenties, I was fishing commercial lobster

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out of Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Every time we anchored up in the harbor at Georgetown, I had some sexual thoughts on my mind. Of course, I was 21 at the time.

caribbean_sexThere was this pair of Canadian sisters, whose father had a little scooter business on the island. Thank God for the Canadians and there more open attitude toward sex. I knew a Canadian girl in Germany a few years before my Cayman Island fishing days – she too, had a more casual attitude toward sex.

I’m not saying all Canadians are casual around sex or that the entire population of Canadian women are flocking to the Caribbean Islands to get naked with the locals, but those three Canadians were sure a lot less inhibited around sex, than this lad from the USA.

In reading the various blog posts about Caribbean sex and the growing numbers of Canadian women traveling to the Caribbean Islands for winter romp to chase the blues away all I can say is I for one prefer the Canadian Maple Leaf ver the puritanical fig leaf.

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